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HPL plastic (High-Pressure Laminate) is a heavy-duty structural and finishing material that is perfectly suitable for facade and interior decoration, furniture production, and other structures.

Affordable cost, durability, the ability to reliably imitate wood and stone, excellent adaptability to any climatic conditions allow the use of layered plastics in any region, opening up a wide range of design ideas.

Main layer
It consists of sheets of kraft paper pressed together using a special technology. The number of sheets sets the thickness of the final product (from 0.6 mm to 25mm). Depending on the customer's wishes, components are added to make the material difficult to burn and flatten.

Protective decorative layer (underlayer)
Special paper that improves the color reproduction of the decor. Provides additional protection against mixing resins between layers.

Decor Layer
High-quality paper that defines the final appearance of the plastic. More than 250 different decors will allow you to realize the most daring and creative design ideas
Security layer (overlap)
The special film is made of high-strength cured melamine resin. The main loads fall on it. Protects the material from: damage chemical damage UV rays mold and mildew

Lemark's plastic advantages


Wear resistance and durability

HPL plastic is resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, and chips due to its ultra-dense monolithic structure. The material retains its original properties and aesthetic appearance over many years of active use.


Protection against temperature changes

One of the main advantages of Lemark HPL panels is their resistance to any weather events. They are not afraid of temperature changes, frosts, rain, and snow. The operating temperature range goes from +70°C to -50°C, which allows the material to be used even in the Far North.


Fire resistance

Hard-to-burn HPL panels are not subject to combustion and do not emit harmful substances at elevated temperatures, which is confirmed by the KM-1 fire safety certificate with a full test report.



Decorative laminated plastic is harmless to humans and the environment. HPL Lemark meets sanitary and epidemiological requirements, which are confirmed by certificates. It is recommended for use in medical and educational institutions.


Chemical resistance

Exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents will not affect the appearance and performance of Lemark HPL plastic. Due to these properties, plastic is used in medical institutions, sterile rooms, and laboratories.


Antibacterial properties

Due to its bactericidal properties, microorganisms die almost instantly when comeing into contact with the plastic surface. The material is widely used in places with special sanitation requirements.


UV resistant

In the production of laminated plastics, we use special protective coatings. Due to that, the material becomes resistant to ultraviolet radiation and retains an attractive appearance for many years.


Maximum moisture resistance

Due to the monolithic structure and the absence of pores, layered plastics do not absorb moisture. The material is invulnerable to the formation of fungi, mold, rot, and other micro-organisms.


Easy cleaning

HPL panels are highly resistant to household contamination. The plastic coating can be easily cleaned of traces of cigarette smoke, graffiti, and shoe marks, which is especially important for public spaces.


Variety of decors

The Lemark factory produces over 250 types of decors (solid, wood, stone, metallic, fancy, etc.), 12 types of embossing allow architects and designers to embody bold and creative ideas.

Types of product

  • Standard (ST)

    It is used for facing smooth (flat) surfaces. It can be either one-sided (thickness from 0.6 to 2.0 mm) or two-sided structural material (thickness from 4.0 to 25.0 mm)

  • Compact

    Self-supporting and durable HPL plastic with a thickness of 2 to 25 mm with two decorative surfaces. It is used in the manufacture of office and household furniture, countertops, laboratory, and commercial equipment. Construction plastics of the compact type are used for surfaces with high requirements for wear resistance.

  • Postforming (PF)

    Designed for facing surfaces (furniture boards) with a small bending radius on special equipment. Produced in thickness from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm.

  • Hard-to-burn (FR)

    It is produced following the requirements of Federal Law No. 123 and belongs to the fire hazard class KM-1, which is confirmed by the certificate. Plastic thickness from 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

  • Facade (EG)

    Laminated plastic for exterior decoration of buildings and structures, has high fire-fighting characteristics, resistance to external aggressive environment, and ultraviolet (UV).

  • Lab (LG)

    Laboratory (chemically resistant) plastic is produced specifically for surfaces where chemicals and reagents are used. This material is produced in thickness from 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

  • Biocidal (CR)

    Medical plastic with antibacterial properties, which is widely used in" clean " rooms. Prevents the formation of fungi, mold, and other microorganisms. Produced in thickness from 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

Standard (ST)
Postforming (PF)
Hard-to-burn (FR)
Facade (EG)
Lab (LG)
Biocidal (CR)


The Lemark range includes finishes that artfully convey the beauty of natural wood, stone, and metal, and solid colors are perfect for creating a modern room style.

A variety of decors will delight the most demanding customers and open up wide opportunities for implementing any design ideas.

The variety of embossments and textures allows you to implement original design ideas
  • GL-Gloss

    Perfectly smooth surface with a mirror effect

  • SH-Shagreen

    Smooth homogeneous matte surface

  • GR-Granite

    Simulates the structure of a rough stone

  • FL-Flowers

    Matte imitation of pebbles on a glossy surface

  • StM-Stone on morror
    StM-Stone on morror

    Conveys the fibrous structure of untreated wood

  • BR-Brush

    Simulates the structure of an aged wood coating

  • LW-Lawa

    Wood grain structure simulating rip sawing

  • SHN-Shine

    Semi-gloss surface with a rough-brushed metal effect

  • FRS-Forest

    A surface that simulates waterfall jets

  • LN-Line

    Protective film, decorated with glittering blotches with a holographic effect

  • CHM-Champion

    Protective film, decorated with glittering blotches with a holographic effect

  • Radiance

    Protective film, decorated with glittering blotches with a holographic effect

Plastic thickness: from 0.6 mm to 25mm


Due to innovative technologies, we produce laminated plastics with unique properties, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by test reports and certificates.

Modern production technologies

Lemark is one of the most modern factories in the Moscow region, a Russian enterprise with full-cycle production technology.

Raw material acceptance
To guarantee the highest quality of our products, we only use raw materials from trusted suppliers. At the time of acceptance, mandatory entrance control is carried out.
Resin synthesis
We synthesize resins ourselves on fully automated equipment, which guarantees high quality of the finished product
Impregnation of decorative and kraft paper with special synthesized resins to produce films from which HPL plastic is subsequently collected.
Building packages
Depending on the type and properties of HPL plastic, layers of different papers are arranged in a certain sequence in so-called “packages”.
The collected packages are sent to the press, where they are exposed to high pressure and temperature. As a result, the material turns into a heavy-duty monolith.
Final processing
Finishing includes cutting to a given format, roughening thin plastic, and applying a protective film if necessary.
Packaging and storage
Finished products are packed and placed on pallets. Before shipment, HPL plastic is stored in a dry closed warehouse.
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